Clean Your Conservatory Using a Scaffold Tower

So often I’m asked the same question: how do I get over my conservatory to get to the roof or gutters? Although I’ve been asked this several times, the answer is incredibly easy.

When the walls above your conservatory need to be painted, or the gutters cleaned, or you simply want to wash the conservatory roof, the easiest thing to do is build two scaffold towers: a single-width tower both sides of the conservatory, then link the two with a couple of staging boards that reach comfortably across the width of the conservatory. Essentially, you make a little bridge our website.

If you don’t have very much room surrounding your conservatory, you can hire narrow scaffold towers of a metre wide. If your conservatory spans the back of your house, then you may find that your neighbours are very accommodating when offered use of the scaffold towers, for letting you set up over the boundary fence. Talk nicely to them and both parties stand to gain; perhaps they too want to do some work high up: maybe they want to clean their gutters, or straighten some wonky roof-tiles.

Putting up a scaffold tower is pretty easy work, some may even say fun! While scaffolding takes up room and time, scaffold towers are far more individual-friendly: they have colour-coded pieces, which makes putting the tower up ever so easy. Each tower has its own built-in ladder and trapdoor, which means the fiddly bits are all done for you – you only have to stick to the instructions. Scaffold towers were born specifically for DIY-enthusiasts and to fulfill the needs of sub-contractors on building sites; people who need to work at height quickly and easily – as well as safely.

Hiring two single-width 4.Using two-metre scaffold towers coupled with staging boards, you can safely, and with very little effort, do any work you need to on and above your conservatory.

Staging boards stretch, in some cases, to 7.two metres, to help you calculate the length of staging board you need, just add 80 cm to the width of the conservatory, which gives you sufficient boarding to create a safe bridge between the towers.

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